Enterprise Blog / Team Blog

You can easily build an enterprise blog / team blog with COMSHARP CMS.  Team blog is where you build close relationship with your customers. To build a team blog, you simply create a new page (or directory) with content type as "Time Based Content" where you add new posts and COMSHARP CMS will organize the posts like what a Blog system does. You can also reference the posts in this area and send the references to your home page so that your home page always have the latest posts entries showing there.

Enterprise BBS

By customized BBS system can build a communication chanel dedicated to your customers. For instance, you can create dedictaed BBS for your each of your customers for order submission, you can approve the orders submited there. You can grant permissions of certain BBS to certain customers so that customer A can only see BBS A and customer B can only see BBS B.

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