開源 CMS (Content Management System 內容管理系統) 在網站設計中應用廣泛,未來更將如此,本文作者和 23 位資深 Web 開發與設計師取得聯系,詢問他們對 CMS 未來的一些想法,這些 Web 開發與設計師是各種開源 CMS 系統的最典型用戶,他們的想法反映了 CMS 未來的發展趨勢。


Jacob Cass


Chris Spooner

Wordpress一類的 CMS 軟件已經擁有很高的質量,它們以后將擁有更多功能,隨著越來越多的開發者提供越來越多的插件,CMS 能做到事將越來越多,但仍然不可取代那些專門開發的專用 Web 程序,因此,將來,專門的 Web 系統開發者仍不至于失業。.

Chris Coyier

開源常被誤讀為低質,不適合嚴肅場合,這是不對的,對  CMS 而言尤其如此,一個可以自由分發的 CMS 軟件意味著它們擁有龐大的用戶基礎和社區,意味著更多 BUG 報告,更多 BUG 修復,更穩定,而對普通用戶而言,龐大的用戶社區意味著您可以更容易得到幫助。

然而一個開源項目能擁有可靠的商業模式嗎?看看 Magento,這個免費的電子商務平臺靠有償服務賺錢,還有 WordPress, 他們免費提供世界上最受歡迎的博客系統,他們擁有一個門戶站點,無需安裝就可以為用戶開通博客并靠廣告賺錢。.

Andy Sowards

作為一個 Web 開發者,我用過各種 CMS,其中最喜歡的有 Joomla, Drupal 和 Wordpress,而我確信的未來之星是 Wordpress,原因是,你可以用 Wordpress 做任何事。Wordpress 可以借助 PHP 實現各種功能,而 PHP 應用廣泛容易上手。

Wordpress 擁有龐大的用戶和社區基礎,很多人已經使用 Wordpress 設計他們的博客或站點,這讓 Wordpress 變得非常容易部署,至于 Joomla 和 Drupal,很多人搞不清它們到底是做什么的,如果不深入鉆研,很難入門。而 Wordpress  可以讓你立即入門。

我認為未來的 CMS 應當簡單,可擴展,容易部署和升級。.

Marco Kuiper

我是 Joomla! 用戶,從一個 Joomla! 用戶的角度,我強烈擁護開源,不管是一個開源框架,編程語言,還是操作系統,或是 CMS。然而后者(CMS)的未來將走下坡路,導致這一點的原因不是這些 CMS 產品本身,而是它們的擴展,Joomla! 是免費的,然而它們最好的擴展都是收費的,另外你也很難發現完美的適合你的擴展。

開源這一概念還會長期存在,但 Joomla! 未必活那么久,原因就在于它的擴展。.

Dainis Graveris

When I received this request, I realized I haven't thought about such things although I am working with Open Source CMS every day. It's already like a self-evident thing. And actually that shows how much we are used to live and work with WordPress, Drupal – clients more often want to get his own CMS to their websites, for now there are enough XHTML+CSS site requests, but in the future I am sure – with simple coding knowledge we won’t get the job done. I read an article http://ostatic.com/blog/dries-buytaert-on-the-future-of-open-source to feel a little more confidence about my opinion, but still I think nothing significant won’t change – still every website needs it’s own unique development solution - there is no way to get rid of developing or designing process.

But of course, technologies are evolving all the time – and code is getting simpler and simpler, before a few years nobody imagined everybody could own and manage his own blog without any coding skills, so it’s pretty hard to say any predictions.

I see great and very promising future to open source programs and CMS, already using several of these, and I am pleased with my choice.



It is not even something we need to discuss and worry about. Definitely Open Source has a really bright future.  Open source CMSs have been dominating the CMS market over years. A licensed CMS can never get as popular as Wordpress or Drupal.

Every new day we have new open source add-ons for every innovation that makes the Open Source CMSs more powerful. All the praises to the mighty developers contributing to the Open Source Community.

All I expect in the future is to experience more simple yet powerful CMSs. UI matters a lot in this century.


Brian Cray

Due to the democratization of information on the Internet, open source has a potential of being the base layer for nearly all innovations in Web-based products and services--content management systems included--because open source supports open information sharing--a key success factor to the Web.

Content management systems will grow in popularity as web-based applications are adopted into the mainstream, and most businesses (or people) do not have the resources to create a robust application afforded by a content management system. In other words, not many people out there can reinvent a better wheel. Nor do many people have the resources. So the fact that content management systems come prepackaged with robust features that can reduce time-to-market really gives content management systems their step ahead.

Having said that, free community support of a CMS will never drive as much innovation as something backed by money. A CMS that is being backed by money is going to see more development time and efforts than one without. As I said, open-source CMSs will provide a base layer to drive commercialized products, much like Apple has done with darwin.


Timothy van Sas

The open source CMS has a bright future ahead. When you want to maintain a relative simple website you can use wordpress and joomla (for example) without any hustle. There always will be a demand for good programmers for the more complex e-commerce websites. My speciality is front-end (design,xhtml,css) with no knowledge in back-end, so i'm giving the open source CMS systems a big thumb up.


Gopal Raju

The demand for Open source CMS is huge and growing, and the user base is apparently large compared to other proprietary softwares.

Today, almost everyone has used at least one Opensource CMS (especially wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc). In my opinion, each CMS has it's own strategy/intend and as long as they stick on to it, they are safe



I think the future of content management systems will focus on user interaction. Probably we'll see a lot more Ajax implemented into a community-like environment. User groups will probably be a standard feature in every CMS. Also alternative ways of content publishing will probably develop, such as direct mobile phone / internet tablet text, photo and video posting. Future CMS will probably be based on modules so every user can create exactly what it needs.



I think the popularity of WordPress in particular has already proven that Open Source CMSes are a great idea and can stand their ground against anybody.

Now the big issue they are going to come up against next is managing this massive community. Like what happens when your rules conflict with a massively popular plugin (cforms)? Or if your software starts going in a different direction to how it began (e.g. Blog to website CMS?)? Or the classic, theme developers trying to make money? 

I can’t answer those questions, but I think that whatever answer is given, someone is going to get annoyed. And that just means opportunities for other CMSes.


Bogdan Sandu

The future of Open Source CMS is now. It's playing like a lovely song on the radio. That's the reason you can hardly predict what will happen with them next considering the fact that not so many people were giving these Content Management Systems credit. 

Certainly, in this moment it's hard for a new Open Source CMS to rise among the 3 big players named Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress as long as their image is sustained by large communities almost indoctrinated with the fanaticism of their 'loved one'.

We don't even have to ask why are they popular. It's well known that with them you can build, deploy and manage web sites, blogs and more...


Joseph Cotten

The future of Open Source CMS is the future of web development.  The community aspect of an Open Source project results in CMS platforms that are increasingly easier to use, maintain and design for.  I see the Open Source CMS market growing and becoming more competitive as more web designers and developers begin using CMS-driven websites.


Chad Mueller

I think the open source CMS future looks bright, I love how everyone is willing to share and help out. I believe that is the reason why open source is so successful and will be for a long time. People love being helped, and people love helping. If you are good at something, why not share your skills and experiences.



*Closed Source* *CMS is dead? *Even the biggest companies will have to consider the great advantages of *independence*, *flexibility* and a huge *community* for collaboration and support  following the idea "wisdom of the crowds".  Wordpress or Typo3 are just the beginning what Don Tapscott once described in Wikinomics. The future of CMS relies in *opening standards* for easy to use 3^rd party applications like we experience at Facebook (e.g. FB Connect), Googles Android or the Iphone. In my opinion, Closed Source CMS projects will definitely become an *out-of-date model*.


Brian J King

Open source CMS's are the past, present, and future. They have empowered users and developers to build and develop tools that engage and distribute content and knowledge. Open source CMS's flatten competition and eliminate the need for closed software that cost thousands of dollars and do not allow for anyone to participate and share their knowledge, build better tools, and flatten competition and drive the market towards greater overall growth and stability.


Richard Brettingham Smith

Open source is something we will always support but I have doubts on using an open source CMS with our projects. If thousands of people know the source code of our clients webpages and it only takes one bad mind to find a lack of security in the code then I wont take the risk of a hacked client page.

Therefor we have developed our own CMS. Still open source CMS does make sense for a lot of people and I hope developers will keep releasing their code under an open source license.


Dallas Pool

I think the real future is in modularity and flexibility. The ability to utilize a CMS for a blogging platform, e-commerce engine, and social network in three instances by simply adding a few easily customized plugins is key to a robust CMS. Drupal has come a long way in achieving this goal I believe.


Nick Pagano

Open Source CMS, and really Open Source projects in general, have been big lately, and only continue to grow. I think this is mainly because the design and coding community is a very active and passionate community. Open Source CMS allow the community to work together to develop better solutions, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. I think in the future you will see more advanced CMS, with more user-friendly, and novice-welcoming backends.

These CMS make it easier for people with little web knowledge to take control of their websites. We’re already seeing a lot of improvements in this area, and I see that making big leaps forward in the near future. Which would give even beginners the ability to change everything from style & design, to functionality and coding. It’s amazing how far a lot of these Open Source projects have come in such a short amount of time, and I think it’s safe to say the improvements will only continue.


Hieu Pham

Open Source is dominating the WWW. Open source CMS mean flexible. Developers or designers don’t worry being limited. More important, with open source, you could learn from the code. The more you know the code the more you could extend it. That’s why there’re so many plug-in out there for open source CMS. I don’t see why the future would change. Open Source CMS will just get bigger and better.


Tharique Azeez

The future of Open Source CMS will be shiner than ever, although CMS will be replace all the activities one can do in on line. It means Contents are always managed by CMS from various sources from the user like lifestream. Open Source CMS will become the automated solution for tracking people activities online in personal and professional uses. CMS will going to become the heart of online life and user might become part of it.


Andrew Cairns

Open source CMS face the same problems common forums do when it comes to security. As the source is provided free, malicious users can easily find weaknesses and target a range of websites which use these Content Management Systems



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